U is for Utah

When we visited Arizona in 2009, we crossed into Utah one day. Monument Valley straddles the state line and, after thoroughly exploring it – we went round the 17 mile loop road once with a guide and once in our own car – we decided to drive on a little further to see what we could find. That turned out to be Mexican Hat – a weird rock formation with a little town (blink and you’d miss it) named after it. As we had a coffee in a little motel by a bend in the river I said “wouldn’t this be a lovely place to stay?” It wasn’t long before we had bought a map of Utah and vowed to return. Which we did, the very next year. We even stayed in that little motel, the San Juan Inn, but that’s a whole new story for a series of much longer posts.

This visit followed on from P is for Page and Lake Powell.


  1. So beautiful. I just checked the driving distance from Las Vegas and at 7 hours I can’t convince my husband it is a good place for a day trip.. My husband loves Vegas and somehow I agreed to go again.


    • Not a day trip maybe, but we flew in and out of Las Vegas the year we had our holiday there. Bryce Canyon, for example, would not be that far for an overnight? It’s even more incredible I think!


  2. I met someone from the Utah’s visitors center recently. They showed me a video of the state and it is just so beautiful. Your pictures also capture that beauty. I’d love to visit someday.


    • Southern Utah is unbelievable – you leave one national or state park and more or less drive into another. We had probably the best holiday ever the year after I was writing about in this post.


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