Reflections – #AtoZchallenge

Eilean Donan pano
Reflections on Loch Alsh by Eusebius © Guillaume Piolle / CC-BY-3.0, via Wikimedia

So how was the A to Z Challenge for me? I think it worked pretty well as I’ve managed to write 26 posts covering 13 different countries. I explained at the beginning that I wanted this blog to be a retrospective record, as well as a current travel diary, and A to Z has certainly allowed me to make a substantial start on that. I just need to keep up the momentum, and I’ve learned that it’s much easier to do that with a challenge. In future, I’m going to set myself some mini-targets in the hope that it helps.

What about the social aspect? I wasn’t sure I’d be very good at that, as we were travelling for one of the weeks early on and later had family to stay. However, I found time to get into it (though commenting on mobile devices is not always easy, unless it’s another WordPress blog) and have met some really great bloggers – some on travel, and some on other topics. I’ve just checked, and I have 32 blogs in the A to Z section of my RSS feed. That might have to be pruned a bit, but I’m looking forward to keeping up with many of them once normality resumes.

I’ve got new ideas too: for example I’ve bookmarked Corinne’s post on Namibia on Reflections Enroute because I really, really want to stay in the tree house she describes. Similarly, as a library geek, I feel I must see the Geisel Library at University of California, San Diego, as described by Donna on Palawan – it seems to grow out of the trees AND it’s named after Dr Seuss (real name Theodore Geisel). What’s not to love? In fact, Donna on San Diego, Calli and Travis (Have Blog Will Travel) on British Columbia and Donna (a different one, Donna’s New Day) on Washington DC have all given me inspiration for next year. I thought I’d only do this once, as I was running out of destinations, but they have all shown that it’s possible to complete the challenge on quite a narrow geographical spread. I could do the A to Z of Scotland, or even Glasgow. I’ve met some book bloggers too, so they’ve made me think I could do something on books and reading on my library blog at the same time. That would be fun! Or possibly crazy.

A-to-Z Reflection [2014]

So what are my resolutions for the future?

  • Keep blogging about my current travels and keep chatting to new friends.
  • Write up the holiday we had in Bruges while the challenge was on.
  • Write some “join the dots” posts – several holidays appeared more than once in A to Z and could be completed very easily.
  • Work my way through other holidays – my aim is to go back as far as 1999 when we went to Galapagos, the holiday of a lifetime.

That should keep me busy till next year’s A to Z!

Finally, thanks to all at A to Z for administering such a great challenge, everyone who read and commented on my posts, everyone who wrote the great posts that I commented on, and Mary, aka Viola Fury, aka Homeless Chronicles in Tampa of #TeamDamyanti for her encouragement.

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  1. Congratulations Anabel – for completing the challenge! It was fun connecting with you and following you around , and I will pop by to see where else you are off to:-) Well done:-)


  2. A great reflection post, Anabel, and a good resolution list that’s sure to continue the fun. I agree, it’s difficult to blog when moving about, so that’s another accomplishment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and the photographs. Congratulations on completing.


  3. Yes, being on WordPress, it is easiest to comment on WordPress blogs. I am looking for an app to comment to make it equally easy to comment on Blogger apps, but nothing so far.

    The social aspect of the challenge takes so much time. So much time!!


  4. You had a great A to Z and love where you have all been and experienced. It was fun to meet you and read your comments back. I would love to stay in a treehouse-that would be so much fun. Will enjoy coming back and reading of your adventures


  5. Congrats again on finishing. I was surprised by how exciting it is to write, even when I didn’t want to, when there’s a challenge attached to it. Good luck with your new set of goals and keep the momentum going|!


    • Thanks Ann – I’ll certainly be trying to keep the momentum going with my mini-challenges. I’ll be following all my new friends with pleasure, so keep in touch.


  6. Anabel, Thanks for the shout out! I think you have some awesome goals there…good luck. I hope we actually get to meet up some time in the future! I would love to swap travel stories face to face, so consider this an open invitation!


    • Thank you Corinne. I’ve really enjoyed our “chats” so same to you – if you are ever coming to Scotland give me a shout. I’d love to meet up “for a blether” as they say in these parts!