Reflections Enroute: Meeting Corinne and Jim

Corinne and Jim Vail of Reflections Enroute
Corinne and Jim Vail of Reflections Enroute

Although I’ve made friends in real life with people first encountered on Twitter, until recently I had never done the same via blogging. I was delighted to learn a few weeks ago that Corinne and Jim Vail of Reflections Enroute were about to pass through Scotland, and I hoped that their itinerary would allow us to meet up. It did!

Corinne and I first chatted over last year’s A to Z Challenge where we both wrote about places we had visited (some were the same, e.g. X for Xian) and I formed the impression that we would get along. Fortunately, I was right. John and I had a lovely evening in Glasgow with Corinne and Jim, sharing some of our favourite Scottish beers and food.

What will you find on Reflections Enroute? In Corinne and Jim’s own words:

 [We are] an American couple living in Germany, and we make it our priority to travel as often as possible.  Taking advantage of living in the center of Europe, we take weekend jaunts to new cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and other historical treasures visiting as many smaller destinations as we can.

If you haven’t already done so, I recommend you pop over and take a look.

Until we meet again, Corinne and Jim, slàinte mhath!*

*Gaelic for good health, often used as a drinking toast, as in cheers!