April Squares: Blackhill

I like this shot of John, on top of the world at Blackhill Viewpoint in Lanarkshire, because it almost looks as though he is levitating. He has, of course, no such talent (but has many others, I hasten to add).

Blackhill features as a tiny afterthought in my post on Craignethan Castle. I wouldn’t have noticed had I not reread that but, on the horizon to the right of the trig point where several hedges converge, a fuzzy rainbow is just starting to form. It was that sort of day!

Linked to Becky’s #SquareTops challenge. We’re into the last week already!


  1. I have always enjoyed Blackhill. It’s not far from me, maybe a 20 minute drive. On a clear day you can see for 50 miles, it’s a magnificent spot to watch sunrise or sunset and it’s history goes back thousands of years. It’s possible to still make out many parts of the original fort.