As many of you know, I’m a big enthusiast for women’s history and at this time of year I would normally be leading groups on heritage walks for both Glasgow Women’s Library and Maryhill Halls. At GWL we’ve been trying to think of ways to take the walks online, and this week I led our first ever Twitter “walk”! Even if you’re not on Twitter, you can follow it by clicking on the tweet below.

We’re also inviting everyone to look out for representations of women in their own areas all over the world. Can you think of any statues, buildings, plaques, murals, paintings, graffiti, or street names in your area? My fellow guide, Joy Charnley, has written a blog post with some ideas which you can access from the first tweet below.

If you’re on Twitter and / or Instagram, post your findings and tag them with @womenslibrary and #WomenMakeHistory. I’ll be adding contributions to my Twitter feed daily, or as often as I can think of something – it could be as prosaic as a gatepost, as you can see in the second tweet above. It would be great if some of you could join me!


  1. I think your Twitter tour was a great idea, and I enjoyed looking through it! I know a lot more about women’s history in my local area now after researching it for my talk back in March (seems a lifetime away now), but I’m struggling to think of place names off the top of my head that actually commemorate women. There’s meant to be a memorial to the women who took part in a washerwomen’s strike, but I could never actually find out where it was. I’m going to do more research and get back to you on Twitter or Insta if I find anything!


  2. Anabel, what a great way to adapt to the current situation and still lead a women’s history walk. I have been sticking close to home lately, but when I do any more travelling around Vancouver Island, I am going to make a point of looking for public art and other indicators of women’s contributions in our area.



  3. what a brilliant idea . . we’re exploring how we might do virtual walks for September. So far live streaming and Twitter have come up for ours too. Really hope it takes off for you


    • Brilliant, thanks Lynne! A couple of other people saw it too but I haven’t been able to find it myself, nor could the first person who told me find it again. It must have been one of those blink and you miss it things where it scrolls on to something else really quickly. The Twitter tour was certainly very popular.