Glasgow Gallivanting: November 2020

November was a dark month in many ways: the nights were drawing in rapidly, the weather was often miserable, and virus restrictions got tighter and tighter. You could say that GlasGLOW, the annual light show in the Botanic Gardens, was a chink in that darkness and it was to some extent. As an outdoor event it was something to go to when everything else was closed, but it wasn’t a patch on previous years. Social distancing meant you were, quite rightly, moved on all the time and there weren’t many spectacles to stand and watch anyway. We were round in half an hour and didn’t feel that was worth ยฃ14. I actually prefer some of the pictures taken as we passed through the gardens in daytime.

What else? Glasgow University Tower on an unusually sunny day. Remembrance poppies at Kelvinside Academy, which was also lit up red at night. A package addressed to Super-cool Anabel Marsh, which I declare shall henceforth be my name. “The Monstrosity”, complete with skeletal riders, as spotted on Dumbarton Road. 13 Newton Terrace, formerly Belgravia College, the school for young ladies I wrote about after finding the grave of its Principal in the Western Necropolis. You can tell November has not been a very exciting month by the paucity of pictures!

However, having written the above in advance, the past weekend redeemed itself with a better day on Saturday. Time for a nice reflective walk along the canal: Extinction Rebellion protests, a fake crowd at Partick Thistle football ground, and a great view of Glasgow University.

Before turning for home we walked up to the flagpole at Ruchill Park for even better views of the University and Maryhill – it was only about 1530 and already sunset.

Finally, to a feature that I have neglected for a while: Scottish Word of the Month. Its return was prompted by noticing flit as Wird o the Week (sic) on the Scots Language Centre Twitter feed. Flit, in this sense, means to move house, which I thought was appropriate because after this month’s election there should be a very big flitting in Washington in the New Year. A certain someone has been given his jotters (sacked), to use another Scottish turn of phrase – will he be dragged out kicking and screaming or will he go quietly? Time will tell …

I won’t be writing any more new posts until December’s Gallivanting – but in true Blue Peter spirit, I have some I prepared earlier. See you tomorrow for Day 1 of my Advent Calendar.


  1. Hello super-cool Anabel! Sorry to read that GlasGLOW was somewhat of a bust this year. Despite the dreary month and shorter days, you still had a diverse month and collection of photos. I love the sunset shot and the Scottish word of the month, especially in the example you used! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Your photos of the sunsets and afternoon skies are beautiful, Anabel. Although it is incomprehensible to me that the sun sets around 3.30 in the afternoon. Even in the middle of winter it’s not dark before 5.30 pm here.


  3. I have to say I like your new name! And I sympathize…November was rather depressing here too, for the same reasons. I hate this virus and what it has done to our world.


  4. Shame that GlasGLOW wasn’t what it should have been but thats to be expected in the current climate I suppose. Good to support it even if the entrance fee seemed a bit steep. Lovely photos of the city.


  5. I often find those special lighting events are overpriced and disappointing. We have several here but I doubt we’ll go. Plenty of neighborhood displays. I’m glad that people are making an attempt, anyway, to bring a little happiness and seasonal cheer. Do the fake crowds do any fake cheering for the home team?


  6. Love the new name; very apt!

    Our biggest Christmas lights event was cancelled this year, and there seems to be a lot less Christmas stuff around, both in shops and in terms of public decorations. My son, who works in retail, says that there are far fewer cargo ships coming here and they are really struggling to get stock. The upside is that they are starting to source local suppliers, so Covid may have a silver lining for some small businesses.

    Your canal walk photos are particularly lovely, and the sunset is stunning.

    Stay safe Anabel.