Lunan Bay

Lunan Water

Back to telling the story of our Easter vacation on the Angus coast! Lunan Bay is a stunning sweep of golden sand between two craggy headlands. As a bonus, there are the ruins of Red Castle perched above it. A stroll to the castle and then along the beach made for a peaceful afternoon outing.

The Bay is divided by the Lunan Water, and as the ruins are on the other side from the beach carpark we had a short stretch of road walking first before taking a path uphill to the Castle. Originally established in the 12th century by William the Lion, what remains now is a fragment of wall from the 13th century and the precarious remains of a 15th century tower. So not much castle to look at, but it’s a good vantage point for looking down on Lunan Water as it streams out onto the Bay.

Descending the other side of the hill took us onto the beach itself where 2km of sand stretched ahead of us. We could also look back at the castle.

We watched these little fellas enjoying themselves running in and out of the waves.

At the southern end of the Bay we reached Corbie Knowe, a haphazard collection of beach huts, cabins and caravans. We took a path which climbed behind it onto the headland.

On the way we passed a bench with an interesting inscription: The sun is on the limekilns. This refers to nearby Boddin Point with its 18th century stone kilns, accessible on another walk which we didn’t have time to do.

We continued along the coast to the hamlet of Ethie Haven, originally fishermen’s cottages but now (judging by the accents of those we met) probably holiday homes.

After a short time sitting on the tiny pebble beach hoping to spot seals (we didn’t) it was time to retrace our steps back to the car.

Next time I will have some inland walks for you.


  1. This looks a stunning place Anabel – from the pictures it looks like there was hardly a soul around! The old castle has a magnificent view of the beach. Lovely photos of the birds splashing about in the water too πŸ™‚


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