Scottish Snapshots: North Berwick

Scottish Snapshots is a series of short posts about places I visited in 2013 but didn’t write about at the time

We visited North Berwick, a seaside town on the east coast, on a day trip in May. Despite the month it was cold and windy, so we spent some of our time in the Scottish Seabird Centre which has a range of webcams to observe birds on the surrounding islands. It also has a nice display of quilting in its wee cinema and one of the mysterious Edinburgh Book Sculptures, based on Treasure Island, though this has since been moved to the National Library of Scotland. It’s an area formed by volcanoes – part of the beach is in the remains of a crater, and volcanic plugs are prominent inland (North Berwick Law) and at sea (Bass Rock). We didn’t climb the Law this time, though we have done in the past and no doubt will again in the future.