Dirleton Castle

Dirleton Castle in East Lothian has existed since the 13th century. Built by the de Vauxes, it changed hands twice over the next 400 years – first to the Haliburtons, then to the Ruthvens. Both families added their own extensions before the downfall of the Ruthvens saw the castle abandoned as a noble residence. When the Nisbets purchased the estate in the 1660s they built a new mansion-house and the ruins became a feature in the designed landscape. Today, Dirleton is in the hands of Historic Scotland. As you can see by my attire, despite the date being May the weather was wintry cold when we visited!

In case anyone is wondering, the bottom two pictures are taken inside the doocot (dovecote).


  1. I love visiting old castles! We managed to see a few while visiting Scotland, though not this one. Another reason to go back!


  2. I love visiting old castles and that one looks fantastic.

    Our castle has a dovecot like that but it’s not in great condition. I love the photo looking up at it. 🙂


  3. This is such a neat castle and I love your pictures. The bottom left one reminds me of the short-lived TV show called “The Time Tunnel”. It looks like it would be quite cold and a hat would be needed


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